A letter to heaven

If found, please return this letter to Mr. KB Venkatraman Iyer, my dearest Grandpa, my darling Thatha.

30th June 2021, 
Dearest Thatha,
Are you well? Today, you turn 84 back home! HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY, MY THATHA KUTTY! Are you 84 in heaven too? How are the Gods and Angels treating you? Are they really as friendly as depicted in stories? I’ve been wondering, is Krishna really blue? Do you get to watch TV serials? Are your parents with you? Tell them hi on my behalf. I want to touch their feet for I’ve never had the opportunity to.

I hope you’re happily chilling out there in heaven after your hard life here and not reincarnated into some living form yet again.You deserve peace, something you did not have during your brief time here.

I know you’re watching me from up there and need no updates. Ofcourse, I’m no longer the sweet 6 year old you last saw and I’m now 17.9 years old.

If you’ve been regularly watching me, I wonder if you are angry with the way I’ve turned out. I am a disappointment, in many ways, have a sharp tongue that utters hurtful words (mostly unintentionally) but I promise, you will see me change for the better. It’s of utmost importance for me to make you proud.As a teenager, I’m enslaved to my hormones, but it’s getting better. I’m now much better than my 14-year old self without a question.

In the 11 years you have not been around, technology has grown so much! But sadly, it hasn’t grown enough for me to actually get this letter to you. That may happen too, maybe just not within my lifetime. So I’ll just continue to believe that you’re watching me and that you can “feel” my words.

Thatha dear, please know that you’re missed dearly. You raised me only for 6 years but the impact you’ve left on me is HUGE. Paati tells me often about that time when I was an infant and slept off in your arms, and you held me the same way without moving an inch for 4 hours, until your poor arms felt sore.

I miss your sharp, poky white beard. I miss the mole on your back. I miss hearing you cough. It’s getting incredibly difficult for me to even write this now. Time mends but doesn’t cure. I know we’ll meet again. Till then, you better tell good things about me to everyone there! Ask Chitragupta to keep me in his good books so we end up at the same place.

I’ll hold you in my heart until I hold you in heaven. I’ll keep missing you, until we meet again…

Your granddaughter,
who loves you infinitely

48 thoughts on “A letter to heaven

  1. Such a lovely tribute. Grandparents always hold a very special place in our hearts. The two of you must have had a lovely bond.. I’m sure that he’ll be looking over you and he would definitely be proud of the teenager that you have become. A very sweet post, Sahana.

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    • Thank you sooo very much, Shweta (hope I can call you that :)). Always means a lot to read your lovely comments. Thanks a lot for your time. 🙏
      I only hope he doesn’t hate the moody teen I’ve become now 🙈 Thanks again!

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  2. Wow, I wish I could write this one to my grandparents. It is with such love you compose it. Thanks to the kindness of grandparents that I grow up saner than I would otherwise have been. LOL.

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    • Lol exactly the same here though! I’d be worse and nothing like I am now if not for my grandparents 😅 Asian grandparents especially condition you to perfection and that really helps. Thanks a lot 🤍🤍


  3. I would like to take the liberty of your thatha’s son to correct a few things.

    Thatha was an avid reader and perhaps a writer too who never had the opportunity. That way, he is too damn proud of you.

    Sharp tongue? Sharper than him??? He is probably smiling and saying “Adhey ratham, appadi thaan irukkum”.

    Thatha couldn’t be here with you for long that’s why he has left Ruuunnnn for you.

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  4. Such a sweet and lovely letter to heaven. ❤️❤️ I am sure your Thatha is proud of every word that you wrote for him. He really is dear Samsahana. I am wondering how you still hold these beautiful memories even after a decade of him passing away!! This is absolutely gorgeous poem. I am loving this my dear sister. ❤️❤️❤️

    Well…. Now tell me the meaning of your name. It’s so unique. 😄

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    • Thanks for your very sweet comments! 😀🙏 You’re one of the bloggers who inspire me so much.
      Meaning of my name- long story haha. SamSahana is actually a pen name. I was given 3 names when I was born (a tradition)- Samrakshni, Sahana and Ranjini. It is not one big name, but 3 different names. My official name is Samrakshni (which means protector of the world) and Sam is short for that. My friends call me Sam. Sahana is more commonly used at home and by relatives. The other name is hardly used. So SamSahana became my pen name. Sorry for the bore. 🙈 this was a looong story, right? Lol.

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  5. Appa, my father, a man of great values and virtues, whose gene we share, is an icon. He’s a testimony to Righteousness and Dharma. I have often wondered if My dad was a reincarnation of the mythical Karna depicted in the Mahabharata.
    Sharp tongue? Well all of us have it in varying intensity. When to use, how much to cut through shall come with one’s growing wisdom. So dont let it big down the real you. My appa is right here. He’s to be looked around and his blessing is to be felt. He’s around you. Be strong, be ambitious, stay focused and he’s proud of you 👍

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  6. Who said your grandfather as died…? This is one Universe… he merely stepped from this dimension, into another… and the door only opens one way… but the windows are clear on that side… so you are seen constantly… O… did I tell you that this dimension is bugged…? he’s hearing everything too…

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  7. This is spectacular, my friend! You weave your words so well and I can feel the emotion come out of the screen straight into my heart! You are very talented. I look forward to reading more of your work! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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