Thoughts from the Clouds

Voyaging past the vast blue sky and passing past the passing clouds, you realise how small man is in the face of nature, and also how glorious he stands before all of creation, for he is the one that got you to the skies!

A click from my short flight between Hyderabad and Chennai. Cloudy day and not particularly beautiful.

When I look at the land under the sky, I sense enormous power and potential. The land that has never attacked, but was always attacked, the land that once suffered from foreign invasion and now suffers from an auto immune condition wherein the body’s immune system kills itself.

I feel a sense of responsibility towards the intimidating water body underneath, the sky above it and the air in which I fly. That made me ask myself this hypothetical question “What if one day, this sea, this sky, this air and this land becomes mine to look after?” What if I were to become the leader of this country? Now, don’t choke! I know that escalated quickly. But always good to answer such questions which come in our minds.

If I were to become a leader, there are two types of changes I’d make- Changes in law and changes in people’s mindsets. The latter would be the most challenging and we won’t discuss that in this post.

Laws that require changing or updating 🇮🇳

1. I’d permanently discard the caste-based reservation system and make it need-based. Who said caste still dictates an individual’s economic background? We have moved forward so much and this is what brings us back to talk about caste- a government policy! See the hypocrisy?

2. We are all created equal. Then why is the law not the same for all of us? If a heterosexual marriage does not need validation from the law, homosexual marriage doesn’t either. It should be “legal”. I don’t agree with that term because it should have never been up to the law to decide.

(Fun Fact: There is historical evidence to prove that homosexuality was recognised in ancient India up until the British rule. The “American disease” as termed by one of our state ministers was indeed very much prevalent in our royal courts and represented in ancient texts, literature and sculptures. The 2018 abolition of section 377 was infact, a fantastic move by the government in getting back to our roots).

3. Literacy will be the priority. It can open minds and make a better world for posterity. Low literacy hotspots will be identified and superior quality government schools will be established there. It should also be a rule for all children of government employees to study in government schools, to ensure their utmost quality.

4. Every hour, 4 women are raped in India. If every hour, 4 or more rapists are punished for the same, will it still be the same? They must be KILLED! Rape and assault cases go unnoticed as women choose to remain silent, for fear of media publicity, family, etc.. They must be UNSILENCED and the power to do this lies with US, the common public!

5. Child labour laws should be TIGHTENED. Children are free to work on holidays at their parents’ farm or store, but never at the cost of EDUCATION. They must be at school, which should provide them mid day meals (only in government schools).

6. A small, fixed amount of tax money should be collected from ALL employees who earn above a certain range. A small collection from a LARGE population will amount to a lot. Currently, less than 2% of the population pay taxes and they pay 30-50% of their salaries, depending on their earning. It gets too tight for them financially as they have a family to look after and loans to pay.

7. Minors shall also be liable to punishment for major offences.

8. Government funded laboratories with high tech equipments must be established to facilitate growth in research infrastructure, so “poor infrastructure” is no longer a reason for people to leave the country.

9. There should be centres established for distressed/orphaned children and child labourers where they can be funded for emergencies in their family.

10. Fines for spitting or littering in the roads! PLEASE! These fines (and generally all violation penalties) should be immediately transferred to the nearest “distress centre for emergency funds” mentioned in the previous point.

11. I will let the common public know HOW I’m using their hard-earned tax money. My government will be transparent and honest. Corruption must become history!

These are all certainly easier said than done. The current government is doing well but we can all agree that we need some modernising (something future leaders are absolutely capable of). There are many more changes I want in the law but I shouldn’t stuff you beyond your appetite. 😉

Now, If you get to become the leader of your country, what changes would you want to make?

44 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Clouds

  1. Oh so brilliant. I am in complete agreement of some of the changes on here, it is great to see the clarity with which you see the improvements happening. We need educated leaders first and foremost, it is them who will eventually bring the change.

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    • Oh, exactly! I wanted to mention one more point too: Only people with a minimum of grade 12 certificate get to sit in the parliament but I realised, if that happened today, the parliament would be almost empty 😂 Thanks a lot for reading!


    • Thanks dearest friend! 😁 I have a scientific career in mind so I don’t know if a political career is possible but I’ll try to contribute in any way I can. Thanks a lot for reading! This comment means so much to me 🥰🙏

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  2. That did escalate quickly. But that’s how our brains work sometimes. I loved all of the amendments that you proposed. It’s amazing to see that you have such a brilliant vision. You definitely have my vote. We need educated leaders who are not afraid to bring about rules for the betterment of the country.

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  3. My number 1 change is America..Term Limits in all levels of positions in local, state or federal government. No one should make a career of it. So tired of older people with older values running things. There are many more changes but that’s the main one.

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  4. It’s great you’re invested and you’ve put great thought into how the quality of life can be improved in your country. Politics often make basic intelligence seem like a concept out of the reach of politicians.

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    • Totally! Thanks a lottt for taking the time 🙏 Means a lot to me. 😁
      “Politician” is a very undignified word in my country because the people who sit in the parliament here have made it so. They have made the very idea of “politics” seem like a taboo talk. It’s a shame, really!

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  5. It seems like India is developing but the ground reality is different. The fact is that many castes are still living in pathetic conditions and still face discrimination and exploitation. Caste-based reservations help in uplifting them. If the reservation is provided on basis of financial condition, then the caste system must be ended too otherwise discrimination and exploitation of these castes will keep happening.

    Government schools are not developed and good that’s why people hesitate to admit their children in them. We can’t force anyone to make their children study in government schools. First, government schools should be well developed then only we can expect people to make their children study in them.

    The main reason for crimes against women is a decline in moral values and easy access to vulgar content available on the internet. Moral education should be given in schools and vulgar content must be banned.

    Few points are very good like child labour law, fines for littering, punishment for minors, centers for needy children.

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    • Yours is the kind of comment I’m looking for! Genuinely! Thank you sooo much!
      The quality of government schools must increase many many folds. Imagine PM or a CM’s child studying in a government school. They HAVE to make the quality great to avoid any hypocrisy. Same rule with government hospitals. If chief officials must only admit themselves in government hospitals, their quality will increase manifolds! It’s not about forcing them, but making the quality better and proving it without hypocrisy.

      Need-based reservation would be the best, in my opinion. Caste based reservation is now being exploited for people’s personal gains. People get fake OBC certificates and that helps them in entrance exams. Am facing this issue now. It also does so much injustice to OC groups.

      Your point about women is excellent! Vulgar content should be banned for good. This is a great point! Would love it if you made a post on the same topic.


      • I am not against financial reservation, but my only point is that if you want to end caste-based reservation, then end the caste system too.

        I am also thinking about writing such a post. Maybe someday.

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      • Do that soon, please! Will be interesting to see a more mature and evolved perspective. 😉

        Caste system should have ended long ago, ideally. We hardly talk about it in cities now but it’s still present to a horrifying degree in rural areas. 😕 In cities too, but atleast there’s not as much discrimination.


  6. Brilliant post, girl! I’ve often wondered what I’d change if I became the prime minister and all of your points are on my list.
    I’d also make stricter laws for agencies like the police. So often they misuse their power and get away with it.

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    • Thank you sooo much for taking the time to read! 😃🙏 Would be very interesting to read your take on this! 😉
      That is a very good point about tightening the laws for government agencies. Much required!


  7. That’s such an inspiring post. By the way, it is a beautiful monsoon day and I love a cloudy summer afternoon. I am glad there are young people who make such an effort to change the world. The world needs the change badly and there should be progressive steps every minute of our life.
    It is very true that in the ancient books, homosexuality was considered a normal part of life and was not frowned upon. We were rather tolerant and gregarious to start with.

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    • Very truly said! It’s like our civilisation is going downwards, labelling people and categorising them, etc… That’s a very powerful comment. Thank you very much, dearest friend! 😀🙏 Have a wonderful day!


  8. Good thoughtful post dear. I am disagreeing with the first two points because we have better things to look after before it reaches out of our hand. Caste based reservation is must for now, because we don’t get to live their life and hence we don’t know how badly they need it. It is their last hope of getting education and job whereas the other castes are going to find one way or another. Caste system is strongly rooted in the minds of people and it will take. along way to eradicate it completely.
    I liked the point about bringing law changes for the protection of girls which I think should be implemented asap. And corruption should be history. Totally agreed.

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    • No issue is less important than another. Ofcourse we have “priorities” but we can work towards improving a woman’s life, education, tax filing at the same time that we uplift LGBT and other minor communities who also face extreme deprivation from the society. They face extreme oppression and we should create a society where they can be themselves. Just like you’d mentioned about the lower caste people who need reservation system, these people need some representation too. Homophobia too is planted deeply in our mindsets and I’ve seen gay shaming with my own eyes. These are not going to happen any time soon. It’s a long time away by which time many things would have changed. Thanks for reading and sharing your views honestly! 🙏🤍

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