The Sunshine Blogger Award

Okay, I had no idea I’d be making my first award post so soon, so many many many many many thanks to my Blogging bestie Penjiri for nominating me! I’m so excited and extremely grateful!

Penjiri is an amazing blogger and you should definitely check out her blog! Her posts are colourful, full of life and warmth. She is an avid reader and has a great taste in books, which you’ll be able to see once you visit her site. She’s an amazing photographer too, which she is too modest to admit.

This is the logo of The Sunshine Blogger Awards.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog


1. When you read the word ‘love,’ what’s the first song that comes to mind?

Actually, nothing! Nothing comes off the top of my mind. But if I think harder, En Kadhale En kadhale comes to my mind. It’s a Tamil song from the 90s, sung by legendary singer (still an understatement) SP Balasubramaniam with wonderful saxophone accompaniments. SPB sir had a golden voice. I also get reminded of My heart will go on from Titanic (1997). It’s one of the 3-4 English songs that I even know! It’s timeless and nobody can NOT love it. Both the songs are much older than my age 😬

2. What were your favourite TV shows to watch when you were little?

Chhota Bheem, Dora the explorer, Mr Bean the animated series, Air Buddies (a 2006 film), The Lion King (CD collection), Motu Patlu, Doraemon, Ninja Hatori, Tom & Jerry, Shin Chan, Jackie Chan, etc…

3. What’s a colour you recently started to love?

🤔 Recently? Is that supposed to say something about my personality? 🤪

Okay! I saw a peacock in a park recently and fell in love with the colour of its ‘’neck’’

The blue in its ‘’neck’’ looks gorgeous! He was flexing his remarkable dancing skills to a peahen nearby 😜 She was acting like she couldn’t care less 😆😂

4. Tea or coffee? What’s your usual tea or coffee order?

Neither. Just milk, please! 🥛

5. Do you prefer writing or typing?

Writing any day! 😃

6. How long have you been blogging?

My very first post The Bribe Biryani is 3 months and 10 days old. So, yeah, that’s how long I’ve been blogging. 😊

7. If you could add to or change one thing about your bedroom, what changes would you make?

I don’t have a bedroom of my own. If you’re from elsewhere and had a cultural shock reading that, I’d like to tell you that here in Asia, it’s a very common practice for family members to share the same bedroom.

My brother, my grandmother and I share one bedroom and keep it as messy as we can 😁 So if I have to make a change, I’d make it ‘’less messy’’ but honestly, I couldn’t care less coz I simply won’t feel at home in a neat bedroom! 😜 However, I’d like the periodic table of elements and some important physics formulae on the ceiling. I SO BADLY need to change, I know.

8. What are your favorite games right now?

A game born in the same land as I, CHESS! Also, does Duolingo count? 🤔

9. Do you prefer succulents or flowers?

Flowers 😁

10. What’s the last thing you ate?

Millets Upma.

11. What’s in your purse/bag/backpack? (pick one lol, you don’t have to tell me about all of those)

A cap.


1. What’s your dream destination?

2. What languages do you speak?

3. Describe your ideal weather.

4. What is in your blog’s drafts?

5. It can be incredibly hard to pick favourites, but if there’s one post in your site that you’re especially proud of, which one is it?

6. What are you wearing at the moment?

Disclaimer: (In case you’re uncomfortable with this one, I want to assure you that it’s nothing creepy. It describes so much about you and your surroundings- the weather in your area, your favourite type of clothes to wear, your culture, etc.. which can be very interesting to learn about 😃).

7. Are you an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert?

8. Which emoji have you been using a lot lately?

9. If you could participate in the Olympics, what game would it be?

10. Which is the best place you’ve ever visited?

11. A fun fact about yourself that’s hard to know from your blogs.


Muskaan @Girl with ink

Joanne @Beautiful You

Anna @Anna’s styles

KK @Kaushal Kishore

Moi @Definitely Moi

Hemalatha Ramesh @frameofsoul

Dwight L Roth @Roth Poetry

Shweta Suresh @My Random Ramblings

Nabeeha Jameel

Radhika @Radhikasreflection

Haoyan Do @Haoyan Do

The order is arbitrary and does not indicate priorities or such.

Before we finish, I want to tell you that the hardest part of making this post was deciding on only 11 names to nominate. It was incredibly hard. There are some wonderful bloggers I wanted to nominate but couldn’t due to the restriction. Please know that I highly regret it. I love every one of your sites equally and it’s super hard to pick favourites. You all are awesome and bring so much love and warmth in the community.

I only follow blogs that deeply touch my soul. So if I’m following you and couldn’t put you here, I’m very sorry. I do not love you or your site any less. It was genuinely hard. Plz know that I respect and admire you and your work equally. 🙏🤍 I could mention some special names here, but don’t want to, because I’ve reiterated time and again that you all are nothing but equal in my eyes. Ah! My hopeless love for people I haven’t even met 😉 You’ve all earned it. ❤️

If by some saturnalia miracle I get nominated for an award again, I’ll pick a different set of bloggers next time. I see you all as amazing bloggers with each one of you having different things to say.

If your blog is award-free as some seem to be and I’ve nominated you, kindly excuse me for not knowing it beforehand. I understand if you do not want to participate. 😊

Thanks to my dearest friend Penjiri once again for making my day with my first ever nomination!


89 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations. You truly deserve this. Keep it up. I like SP Balasubrahmanyam’s Hindi songs. My heart will go on is one of my favorite songs. I haven’t watched Mr. Bean animated series, but I love the original series of Mr. Bean. I don’t know chess, but I want to learn to play it. In board games, I love carrom.

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    • Thank you so very much! Chess is a very fun game. I’m no expert but still love that it is a game of strategy. Carrom is a lovely game too. SPB was a national treasure. Again, thanks a lot! 🙏


  2. Congratulations and thank you for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I really appreciate that you think my work is worthy of it. However, i have not been doing awards for the last few years.

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  3. I am back. First of all, sorry I didn’t read this 9 hours ago, I was at my Ajji’s house so I didn’t  open wordpress until 2 hours ago, that’s when I saw the notification. 
    YOU ARE MOST WELCOME BESTIE!!! All the things you wrote about me were really sweet, now I might be the one getting diabetes ( still can’t agree that I’m a good photographer though. 🤪)
    I am in love 😍 with your answers, every single one of them. I don’t think anyone could have come up with better ones. I listened to En Kadhale En Kadhale, I didn’t understand a word but I really loved the tune 🎵. It’s a lovely song. My sister and I used to watch Mr.Bean. She actually put a bowl on my head and gave me a haircut inspired by Mr.Bean once when I was 4. Needless to say, I looked ridiculous in the haircut but I was too young to care. Now that I am no longer 4, I am embarrassed to even look at the photos of me with that haircut. Seriously, I look dead funny in those photos, I would burn them if I could. The colour of the peacock’s neck is really beautiful, if I were the peahen I would have surely been impressed 😆. Congratulations on completing 3 months and 10 days in the blogging world. It must be so much fun to share a room with your brother and grandmother. I would love to have my Ajji as my roommate.Then again the grass always looks greener on the other side of the field. I love playing chess too, even though I am terrible at it. Millet Upma sounds delicious. You can do the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award if you want then you’ll be able to nominate everyone who reads your blog or you could wait a few more days because I am going to nominate you for another one. I wasn’t planning on telling you this but I just couldn’t help myself.😄

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    • Awww thanks sooo much Sweet!! You’re making my day again and again and again! What do I say?
      I don’t know what to reply to. This is a long message. I’m sure you looked very cute in that haircut. Ajji must be a great person ❤️ Sending her my love. Again, thank you sooo very much! ❤️

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  5. I would sing “En Kadhale en Kadhale” all the day and night! That bedroom part is so relatable. Just because I share my room with my mom, I have a very strict sleep and wake time. As I exaggerate in my poems I had never seen the world at 3 am, neither chatted or watched movies. 🥲

    Thank you so much for nominating, Sahana. It truly means a lot! ❤️
    I had been writing for award posts, later they started piling up and hence I made my blog award free. 😇

    Liked by 3 people

    • And I completely understand that!
      It’s good to have a strict sleep-wake pattern. Good for physical, mental and spiritual health. I wouldn’t for the life of me stay up at 3 am for anything. It’s good that way too.
      En Kadhale is a timeless song. 😊

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    • Thank you very much, friend! Well, friends not ‘’fans’’ 😜 People in WordPress are very supportive and it’s so gratifying to be in this genuinely amazing family. I’m truly inspired by your blog and your works. May have discovered you just a tad bit late, but I’m sure I’ll always look forward to your content. 😃 Again, thanks so much for stopping by! 🤍🙏

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  6. I know a person whose name is Bala Subramaniam and he is a genius. He is a top sale but he never travels. His clients come to him. I just can’t believe the thing he has achieved.

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