5 Things Most Bloggers Have in Common

Get ready to be fed all the stereotypes I’ve picked up being in the blogosphere for almost 4 months now! On this note, I want to add my own quote ‘’Life is like French Grammar. Everything has exceptions, and those exceptions in turn have more exceptions.’’ So if you do not identify with any of these traits, curse me not!

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1. A similar sense of humour when going long

In 4 months, I’ve read atleast 400 blogs and I strongly feel that most bloggers have a pretty similar sense of humour when writing lengthy posts, or when blogging about blogging. I like to call it the ‘’blogger’s humour’’, if you will. It tends to be very subtle and usually doesn’t give you more than a chuckle. It is not intended to make you laugh, but rather adds a little light-hearted note that breaks the monotony of longer blogs, a favour the writer does to himself and the reader. It tends to be an inherent quality with most bloggers and they can do it without having to try hard. To the reader, it comes across as effortless humour.

2. Introverted or ambiverted

Extroverted bloggers, I acknowledge your existence, but the vast majority of bloggers tend to be atleast ambiverts. It must be painful for extroverts to sit in solace and type something for a long long time. Most bloggers I follow have explicitly stated about their social awkwardness and anxiety in their blogs. If we were to interact personally, even virtually in a zoom call, I can imagine how awkward it would be 😂

3. Romantic souls, nature-lovers

As prejudiced as that sounds, I haven’t met a single blogger who does not love nature or animals or the chirp of birds or the smell of woods or the sound of water or… Yeah, you get the idea.. By romantic, I do NOT mean the lovey-dovey romance with a human. I mean romantic poetry, romantic literary pieces, super-imaginative idyllic pieces, the Wordsworth kind that takes you to another world! Not to generalise, atleast my WordPress friends so far fit into this box. MOSTLY.

4. Aptitude

Not all bloggers are Teslas, but you certainly need some aptitude on a certain subject to keep blogging about it for a long long time. Additionally, word prowess is a gift not everybody is endowed with. I’ve definitely read some astonishing crap around here, especially in certain ‘’brainwashed’’ social views and shallow scientific ideas, but it’s only to an excusable extent. Your aptitude could lie in your virtual socialising skills, the way you present your content or in your ability to garner viewers.

5. Travellers

Almost every blogger I’ve come across is an avid traveller. They don’t seem to like the idea of being cooped up indoors. Imagine if in one of our travels, we all bump into each other in a far away island with clear blue water and lush green trees! I shall pretend I was watching the sky and never bumped into you to avoid any conversation 🙂 Nature-lovers love to be in nature, right? Most bloggers seem to love travel and adventure as that gives them both self-time and nature-time. Win-win.

These are STEREOTYPES. I repeat, these are STEREOTYPES I’ve formed and not a rule of thumb. Let’s see how many of these apply to you.

Have you observed any common string that ties the entire blogging community together? (Apart from the kindness and friendliness) Let me know in the comments…

129 thoughts on “5 Things Most Bloggers Have in Common

  1. Interesting characteristics. Somehow like minds find one another in the blogosphere, which is not so much a mystery as it is interesting given the millions of blogs out there. Many people start blogging because of a major life event or life crises, some use blogging as a platform to deal with life issues from childhood. For these bloggers and others blogging is therapy. Some people blog because they have books, products or services they are promoting, while others feel they have something important to share. Some bloggers find they can be part of a virtual community when they are different from people in their physical community, or very much alone and isolated in their physical world. Many bloggers use their blogs as a diary. What brings people to blog would be a great research paper topic.

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  2. Wow, although I can’t say for the other four shared traits, I am definitely an introvert. However I am a specific type of introvert that if given the right situation and certain audience, I can talk nonstop. So there are many different shades among the introverts too.

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  3. Now, this post was really thoughtful. Four months and you have observed such intricacies of the blogging sphere!
    And there is a unique piece of humor with some bloggers who keep on striking what they have written portraying a ranting tone.

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  4. Yeah, zoom calls is where I draw the line🙅‍♀️Some people try to call me on WhatsApp and I’m like, “nope!” I won’t pick up the phone even if they try to call me. A typical Millennial blogger 😂 Usually, I’m okay with phone calls but not when ppl try to fling themselves at me uninvited. Meetings of any kind take planning so I can prepare for the social awkwardness! ☺️

    As for traveling, I don’t do a lot of traveling. I actually find traveling quite exhausting and prefer to stay home. If we travel, it’s usually to visit family across the country, and I hardly call that a vacation 😝

    I did agree that bloggers do tend to share a lot in common. I’m an introvert by nature and blogging gives me a voice whereas I wouldn’t have that voice on other platforms that demand popularity in order for you to be heard, such as FakeBook.

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  5. Couldn’t agree more on each of your points. Your views and thoughts are always unique, valuable and factful. I don’t belong to the travel part though… what I like the most here is the decoram most of the bloggers maintain which is the best quality. Well articulated as always Sam ❤

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  6. I resonate with them all but mostly the last one; travellers!
    Even the part about all of us meeting in a far away island and then pretending not to have run into each other🤣🤣🤣
    That was a pretty fantasy and the way it ends is also true to the T👌🏿
    That’s so like me…thinking about random silly things like that🤣☺️

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  7. “Life is like French Grammar. Everything has exceptions, and those exceptions in turn have more exceptions.” This is so witty and all the stereotypes are so accurate except the travellers stereotype, I don’t relate to it. I am one those people who don’t like travelling. I have nothing against seeing new places, going on adventures and meeting new people but the thought of having to patiently sit in a vehicle for hours till we arrive at the destination is just too much for me. I am hoping they’ll invent the teleporter soon then I’ll be able to go to any place I want without having to experience the boredom and the car sickness 😁.

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  8. Hahah very true. It is peculiar that people on a whole share a lot of similarities irrespective of our origin, culture and tradition. It just comes and becomes a part of us as we follow certain etiquettes. Writers here are so much into nature, I love that fact! 🤍
    Love your quote too.

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  9. Zoom calls… I can never imagine that. Maybe, emails can provide a comfortable space. 😂
    Yeah, they’re stereotypes but still they resonate very well, except for the fact that I’m not an avid traveller. Loved your quote at the beginning and the fantasy at the end! ❤

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  10. Haha! You are right with your observations. I strongly agree especially with the Sense of Humor. I even wrote about this before in one of my previous article.

    Have you observed any common string that ties the entire blogging community together?

    I think most of the bloggers sometimes don’t even read the blogs or perhaps don’t understand that at all.
    But as for commenting they come up with typical phrases like ‘Nice Blog’, ‘Good Work’, ‘Thanks for sharing’, …… 😅

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  11. All this rings true to me! What a bunch of introverts we all are, airing our private thoughts for the world to see 😝 It feels like a contradiction at face value, but makes sense if you know even one blogger.

    On a separate note- I had to stop by to thank you for speaking up on a certain recent post about Lil Nas X. It is wonderful to know that my people have a friend in you. Much love to you for spreading the light of kindness! 💪💗🏳️‍🌈

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    • Thank you very much for your kind comment! ☺️🙏🤍
      Contradiction, right? We wouldn’t usually be the ones to initiate the conversation and say this and that to random people 😅


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  13. Wow, I’ve never thought about this and it makes perfect sense. Ultimately, we’re all mostly alike on this platform, and get along with each other. You’ve got a keen mind, Sam. Brilliant piece. 👍

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  14. A ha, I actually do try and infuse humour into my posts, but I’m not too sure that I pull it off super well. But I guess we all do love inserting a lil bit of personality here and there. That’s what makes blogs awesome, right? Great post. Thanks for sharing!

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  15. You are so right. It’s like seeing my own self as a third person. I guess it is true, Birds of the same feather, blog together. Truly enjoyed the very honest observation. You missed one, bloggers are often opinionated of what they see, feel and dream. It’s what makes their post irresistible. Happy weekend.

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  16. Enjoyed your post, even as I was keenly peering to see where where I fit! Mostly but especially in the ambivert but leaning toward introvert category😊and the romantic soul and nature lover bit. That fits me like a glove – romancing as in romancing life and the divine haha..♥️👍

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  17. I’m pretty much an introvert in social situations. I go from not talking at all, to talking too much to cover my nervousness. I’ve got used to Zoom calls because I have done so many now. I think I almost prefer it to being in the room.

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  18. Anyone can call these stereotypes, but I am yet to find a blogger who doesn’t fit into this description.
    It’s great you noticed these details about us wordsmiths.
    If you think about it, you notice all these qualities are very good for the writing process.

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  19. Lovely to have come on here and read this essay. Actually it is so subtle, this common humor that one tends to miss even thinking about it. And you mentioning it made it all the more apparent and enjoyable. Also i hope you enjoyed your birth day. My wishes Sam.

    Narayan x

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  20. Ahh, bloggers’ humour that’s true!!!
    And yep I am an ambivert who’s more of an introvert than an ambivert!
    And I love romantic poetry, not more than solemn poetry though.
    And yess nature’s the best!
    Amazing post Sam!


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