Blogger Session with Sam Sahana

It’s another beautiful day and another interview with a wonderful blogger. You really should go read some of her write ups herehttps://…

Blogger Session with Sam Sahana

Dearest Friends,

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my dear friend Jola. It was an amazing experience and I’m delighted it has panned out the way it has.

Do check out Jola’s blog Jay’s Chronicles . Her reflections, thoughts and imagination are extremely vivid. She’s a teen blogger with strong opinions, an open mind and a good sense of humour. You never know what she’s going to write about next! Her blog’s contents range from everything under the Sun and more!

74 thoughts on “Blogger Session with Sam Sahana

  1. What an amazing interview, thank you for sharing! So good to get to know you and your story more! I thoroughly enjoyed reading and your bright light shines through every word…keep being perfectly YOU 🖤🤗🖤🤗


  2. Oh dearie, this is the best post that I read today, so much so that I am impressed by your honest answers. ❣️❣️ You are a sweetheart. Loved reading throughout my baby sister. You have some amazing ideas to pen down, please continue sharing with us. Much love dear Sam. 🤗🤗🤗

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    • How do I thank you for your most beautiful words, dearest Akka! Your elegant and loving words truly make my day! Thank you so so very much. Plz know that I appreciate you very greatly. Thanks tonnes and tonnes 🥰🤍💕


  3. Interesting. So many people have similar reasons for blogging. In some ways, I am an accidental blogger. I probably would not have simply decided to start a blog to keep a diary, show photos, post music and poetry. But life happened, and now 11 years of blogging have happened as well.

    You are inspired by Anne Frank? At least you are in a better state of being than she was. You are the second person who complained about the manifestation of lots of likes. All the likes for likes sake used to bother me, but I’ve decided it’s part of blogging. When you have a lot of followers and you are following a lot of other bloggers, it’s hard to have tome to give everyone full attention. I skim posts to see if they are worth devoting time to, and once I have the gist of the post, I will like it if it’s something I generally agree with, and I’ll give it my full attention it it looks really interesting.

    I try to vary my own posts, and mostly keep posts short, and post a lot of photos because I want people to be able to read my posts quickly, look at the photos, and go on to other bloggers posts. Sometimes I write longer pieces, but I never post papers or even excerpts from papers on my blog. I feel that would be asking way too much of my followers. I felt bad about the bloody awful interview I posted on Sunday because the video was 10 minutes. That is way beyond my attention span. I didn’t expect people to get through it and was not offended in the least if they didn’t watch it. It’s an attempt at humor, knowing a lot of people will not find it funny.

    A lot of bloggers are pretty hung up on themselves, and think they have really important things to say, and that their opinions matter. Good for them, but most people have little insight beyond the manifold insights we are inundated with daily. The bloggers who know that, generally have a opinions worth reading. But there is so much that is a waste of time.

    You have demonstrated that you are a very good thinker. You have a very good sense of the world we live in, and you have good insights.

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    • Wow I’m truly amazed at this wonderful comment of yours! Thanks for taking the time to read it and comment. Thank you tonnes!
      11 YEARS?! 😱😱😱 WOWW, that’s a loooot of time…

      Yeah, I agree that over time, bloggers won’t be able to devote enough time for their followers.

      Ofcourse, Anne Frank’s circumstances were horrid, yet she was sanguine and powerful, growing bigger than cruelty of Nazism. She is a vital part of my life now and we have a beautiful relationship. I’ve never been consistent with any habit before. But I write a diary, call it Anne Frank, and sign off the entries as Kitty. It’s been more than 2 years now. I can never replace her with blogs though, for there are things that can’t be shared with everyone, but only with her 😉

      When she used to begin her entries with “dear Kitty” I always felt she was talking to me, because I was exactly like she described her imaginary friend “Kitty” to be. Anne Frank is my therapy (more than that, it’s hard to describe). It’s magic!
      Sorry for sounding so juvenile 😜 And sorry for the long reply 😅🙈

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      • You have nothing to apologize for. Makes perfect sense now. Thank you for the insights. That’s great you can be kitty. When you connect with someone like Ann Frank and feel that sens of being, so much creativity can come out of it. You have a good, active imagination. So many people lack imagination. It’s something to cherish. You don’t sound juvenile in the least.

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  4. I loved the interview!!!!

    Its funny how your inspiration is Anne Frank and when I read your blog’s name ‘diary of a dreamer’ – I actually thought of her. Definitely a better name than ‘diary of a reformer’ though I’d have loved your blog either way. 🙂
    Your inspiration was Anne Frank and mine was Carrie Bradshaw from SATC. 😀 Though the idea behind it was the same – to be more able to share my inner thoughts with the world.
    The SPAM likes are SO annoying. Like SO SO SO annoying. Just 3-4 days back I hit the most likes ever on one day on my blog (it wasn’t a lot) and I only got there because one person liked 50+ posts in 2 minutes!!!!!! ARGH! Totally boils my blood.

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  5. It’s honestly fascinating to read your words. You are eloquent and self aware, hence you’re relatable to a great extent. On how blogging has impacted you, “writing about your problems is therapeutic” is the simple truth. They say a problem shared is half solved.

    Over time, I’ve also learnt that the more you write, the more you unravel yourself. You also learn from others and become a well-rounded individual. Interesting interview, Sam! 🖤


  6. Wow, Sam! It was super reading your answers. These blogger interviews are perfect to know each other more. I enjoyed reading your views, and I share many of them. I haven’t turned 18 yet, but reading your answer, it seems I am in for a ride!

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    • Thank you so so much, bud!
      I turned 18 recently (a week ago) and if the world were normal, I’d have had a wild ride myself, in college. But covid has delayed things greatly, education and rverything. Worst of all, our social development. I feel 16. 2020 and 2021 shouldn’t be included in our age at all 😅
      Do you feel younger yourself?

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  7. Wow. What a beautiful way to help fellow bloggers. You are wonderful, Sam. It is a beautiful thing to do. I just reviewed Jay’s chronicles and it is very intriguing. I am especially intrigued by the layout of her webpage. It is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.


  8. Fantastic interview and eloquent answers. Loved your replies. About the crazies. The bad kind of crazy: I’ve met them. Like like like without reading. How could they? It’s insulting, really. I wish they’d stop being so rude. It’s irreverent to the words. It matters.
    Thanks for sharing this. You rock.
    All the best to you. I wish you miracles.

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  9. Its a good interview.
    Loved reading your precise answers and enthusiasm you have for the blogging.
    And, its good to see you took your inspiration fron Anne Frank, I do know about her. Read some of her work.
    She’s truly an inspiration.

    Wishing you the best with your journey.


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