Powerful Females Tag + Announcement

What an empowering title! Has a sophisticated ring to it, doesn’t it?

A million thanks to Siya Gite for nominating me for this wonderful tag. Thank you very much, Siya. Siya’s answers were brilliant and I have very big shoes to fill. She runs the blog The Dramatic Drama and is a very smart and creative blogger with ever-so fresh content. This tag was created by Annie.


  • Choose a female (real or fictional) for every prompt.
  • Tag at least one female blogger.
  • Pingback to Annie’s Powerful females’ tag.
  • Enjoy~


1. Name a female known for her intelligence

Frances H Arnold

She is an American chemical engineer and a Nobel laureate. She used the technique of directed evolution to engineer new enzymes, a landmark innovation, as it has fantastic implications in pharmaceutical industries, creation of renewable fuels and medicine, all of which are of timeless importance. Since I’ve taken up this field of study for my higher education, she is my biggest role model.

2. Name a woman known for her physical strength

Rani Abakka Chowta, Queen of Ullal

Goosebumps, just looking at this painting! I HAVE to be elaborate here because her story is sadly buried deep in the pages of history.

She is an unsung Rani Lakshmibai from an earlier timeline, 16th century, when Portuguese invaders were in the peak of their power and getting the better of us. After having defeated many rulers and capturing many territories, they targeted the profitable port of Mangalore next. Little did they know that a powerful Queen was waiting to destroy their mission. Just 14 km South of Mangalore was the Kingdom of Ullal, ruled by Rani Abbakka Chowta.

They wanted to get her out of the way. They sent many boats with soldiers to capture her, but none ever returned. Boat after boat, they lost their soldiers to a mysterious force which definitely couldn’t have been a 30 year old woman! Enraged, they sent a huge fleet of ships under the command of a celebrated admiral. Again, the ships did not return and the badly injured admiral made his way back. The Portuguese then decided to subjugate Ullal and capture Rani Abbakka. When they came to Ullal, they found it deserted. Just when they were about to declare their victory, Rani Abbakka and her men launched an attack, many Portuguese men lost their lives without even a fight, 70 were captured and the rest ran away.

Immediately, she went to Mangalore, broke into the fortress and assassinated admiral Mascarenhas, the Chief of Portuguese power there. She fearlessly captured many Portuguese settlements and defeated the Portuguese men each time. She is the first woman Freedom fighter of India. (atleast the first known)

3. Name a woman who powered through difficult times

My mother

From extreme poverty and malnourishment in her childhood, she’s come to where she is now, which is a very good position. Her life was filled with too many challenges for all I remember from my earlier years. She is a self-made woman and has come to success and prosperity from extreme poverty. All gifts of education! She currently works in one of India’s biggest, oldest and well-known companies. I initially typed a looong paragraph about this but took it all off, realising I’d revealed too many personal details. Perhaps a post for some other day as an inspirational story is worth being shared, even if somewhat personal.

4. Name a woman you want to be friends/roommates with

Vinisha Umashankar

So I can wake up inspired every day. An innovative mind and an active cerebrum would be what I would choose to live with, if it were a choice. She was 14 when she designed a solar ironing cart as a pollution free alternative to the charcoal powered ironing machines used by local vendors in India for centuries. She is a finalist for the Earthshot Prize 2021. She also has many more patents to her name.

(On a different note, I have some blogging friends I wish I could be friends with in real life. Dear girl Penjiri for instance. Beloved pen pal Selma. Just a few examples.)

5. Name a female who you think is a great role model

Doctor Rukhmabai

KK sir wrote about this icon recently and it was from his post that I came to know about her. She was one of the first practising doctors of India, “rebelliously” pursued higher education (as women’s education was highly discouraged back then), beat all odds and went on to follow her dreams. She legally fought for the dissolution of her forced child marriage and was the first woman in India to get a divorce, marking an important milestone in the evolution of feminism.

6. Name a female who deserves the spotlight

Dr V Shanta

Dr Shanta comes from a family of 2 Nobel laureates in physics and education was an important part of her family. Yet, as a woman of yester years, her choices were limited to “womanly” practices like gynaecology and paediatrics. But she resolutely chose oncology.

The reputed Cancer Institute in Adyar, Chennai, is a non-profit treatment and research centre, established by another inspiring woman, Dr Muthulakshmi Reddy. Dr Shanta had been working in Cancer mission since 1955. Her mission was to make quality cancer treatment affordable and accessible to everyone, and to change the public perception of cancer, which was that of fear and hopelessness, a mission in which she definitely succeeded. The cancer institute is a campus of “hope” with a high success rate. She was a recipient of the esteemed Padma Vibhushan award. Yet, she remained unknown to the common people who were busy worshipping the Kardashians (sorry, HAD to add that here!)

At 93, she was a practising doctor, performing important research work even on her dying day, in March 2021. She is a role model for all women- Passion, if strong enough, can surpass all social and biological barriers.

My Nominees






If you found this tag nice, do jump right in! Let me know in the comments and I’ll add your name. If you’re nominated but don’t feel very gaga over it, suit yourself.


Well, as you may know, I turned 18 recently and have a lot of “new adult” responsibilities (Mind you, I’m the only one who can use that A word!)- passport renewal, driver’s licence, voter ID 🤩, etc.. My college classes have started online too and I have some online courses to finish. In case you’re curious, I decided to be a typical Indian and pursue a degree in engineering!

So I’m taking a break from WordPress, atleast until the work with my legal documentations are done. I’m temporarily deleting the WordPress app from all my devices. So, you’re going to be relieved of my annoyance for a few weeks and I’m sure there’ll be lots of reading to catch up on once I return.

If you suddenly find a comment from me on one of your newer posts, don’t be surprised. It’s because the website doesn’t go anywhere. But that’s not very likely.

So until then, bye… 👋

79 thoughts on “Powerful Females Tag + Announcement

      • You’re a powerful looking for a 12 year old in that case. I was invited to join P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) the other day. The invitation reads: “Be listed amongst thousands of professional women in the fields of Medicine, Business, Education, the Arts & Sciences, Research, Healthcare, Law, Engineering, and Government.” I’m not sure why, but I get notices of being included in various professional women’s organizations. I never get invitations from men’s professional organizations. Maybe they think I’m a girly man.

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  1. What an inspiring post. All your choices are laudable. You’ve picked up fantastic role models for us all. Wishing you a very happy birthday dear Sam. And ease in all the legal process. Hugs.

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  2. Damnn congrats on becoming 18!!🤍
    And your answers were soo good….thanks for the lovely words about the blog, I really appreciate it and haha you totally gave better answers🙈
    Can’t wait for you to get back!💃🏻

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    • Aww thanks so so very much dearest Akka! You’re a real blessing. And very sweet. I was ecstatic when I found an update that you’d posted recently. But I’m not able to open your new post at all? Did it intentionally/ unintentionally move into draft or something?


      • Oh dear….that was an error. I am planning to post it today but yesterday it was a mishap that I pressed the publish button instead of saving it in draft!! 😲
        I realized immediately and deleted it. I still have few works to do with that post…

        Hope I will make it today. Thank you dear for your loving support. 😍😍😍

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    • ADVANCED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAL! I won’t use the A word, I know the pain of it really well. So we’re the same age! 😀 How delightful!
      Thanks a lot for your kind visit. Do have a fantabulous and memorable birthday. Keep smiling 💗


      • Hopefully they will be here when you return. I’m also hoping that you are training to become an engineer because you want to. Most of us have to work for at least 30 years and speaking from experience, it is much more fun if you like what you are doing. 😉


  3. Very inspiring women! We need such real-life role models. I hope one day you will share a longer post about your mom.
    All the best for getting all the documents and for your classes. Be good and study hard.
    You will be missed and I will save the ‘Aunty’ post for when you return. 😀
    Much love, my dear. ❤️

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    • Aww thank you so so very much! 😻 Such a sweet, generous comment.
      I guess I will write about her, on her birthday next year and not share it with her 🤪🙈
      I’ll look forward to “aunty” post!! 🤩
      Thanks again. 💗


  4. I hope to be a powerful woman too one day🥺. Good luck on your engineering dreams, I’ll miss you so much Sam. You’ve been sucha wonderful blogger and friend. I hope you come back soon ✨

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  5. What an amazing inspiring post and your knowledge of such noteworthy powerful women is stunningly admirable to me. I felt greatly educated and humbled while reading through your post. What an honor that you include your mother. Wishing you the best of ease and joy in all the endeavors and formalities of adulthood :))

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  6. Dear Sam it’s nice to know you are into your professional arena, why I m using arena because you seem to me cheerful yet witty, funloving yet sincere, and the best I like is your insightful approach at this young age,
    God Bless you ❣️❣️

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  7. Ah, thanks for the tag Sam! Loved reading your answers!

    Also, nooo, I will miss your commenting on your amazing posts, and your amazing comments on my posts!!

    Also, woah, engineering, woah, wow. And I’ll turn 17 in a month, and I am freaking out, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to process the fact that I’ll be 18 in an year, so yes, you should take a break, it’s necessary. But don’t forget to come back!

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  8. Sam, you will be missed— this place will be a little less lit up without you (you’re such a lovely ray of sunshine) but we will all be here when you’re ready to return.
    All the best to you, my lovely. Go the distance. Sending you good vibes.
    And this post: what a lovely read. It’s so Sam-esque! All you— Showcases you to a T! All those amazing women you know about make me sure I will never be able to catch up to you. 🤣
    Exceptional. I’m most thrilled you included your mother in this write up. I know she is amazing because I know about you (a bit).
    And then you mentioned me and you made me go down on my knees. You’ve no idea how honored this made me.
    But this is not about me. It’s about you—

    But this is not about me. It’s about you, my *Brave Amazon* and it’s you who is most deserving. Lovely post.
    Be well, Sam. See you again *wink* soon. 👏 💕 🤗 👏

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    • I feel extremely honoured to receive your ever-so-wonderful, endearing comment. Thank you so very much! Oh, that part was very much about you! I’m so proud of having such a talented, extraordinarily skilled poetess for a pen pal and will use every opportunity to flaunt it. 😉
      I felt the good vibes you sent my way 💗 Thanks and here’s sending some your way- ✨
      I’ll miss your posts when I’m away and I’m sure there’ll be lots to catch up when I return.
      Once again, a million thanks for making my day as you always do. I’ll miss you- or not, because I’m not deleting gmail 😉
      Stay fabulous! 💖

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    • I REALLY REALLY NEEDED IT, TRUST ME! Thank you so very much. 🙏💗
      Talents- I wish. It’s mostly a typical Indian thing to do 😜 We’re all crazy over engineering and medicine. And politics. And cricket. And Spicy food! 😅

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  9. Welcome to adulthood! Such an inspiring list of powerful women.
    Hope to see you back blogging but I hope you still find time to write (even if you don’t share). As we get pulled in with all the responsibilities that adulthood brings, we forget to make time for things we love and enjoy.

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  10. Congratulations and thanks so much for nominating me! Take as much time as you need off. I remember when I had to do all these things and it was quite exhausting/time consuming.


  11. Ooh, this was a great post, Sam! I mean… kindred spirit! I’d never heard about most of these women before this tag – I loved your picks! 👏❤️

    Engineering seems like a great choice! Hope you love your courses and yay, you’re 18 now! (Gulp…let’s not use the A word for now) Exciting but terrifying! Hope to see you soon, smiling and happy!


  12. Congratulations Sam and thanks for the tag, I really appreciate.☺️ Great post; really inspiring and motivating.
    I’ll turn 18 in two months. I’ll say I can relate with your fear of using the A word. Adulting scares me, wish I can stay 17 forever.🥺
    Your career path is pretty amazing too. You will do just great, that I know.💯

    Take your time before coming back, Sam. I’ll miss reading your comments on my posts though.

    Till whenever, dear friend.💖


  13. Congratulations Sam and welcome to adulthood it’s not as fun as it seemed but it’s still fun to stand in your feet and be independent 🤗💖
    Good luck for everything life has in store for you 💝


  14. Av really enjoyed this post. Interesting women those are! More also that worrior woman💪🏿
    We are really going to miss you here in the Blogosphere ❤️😉

    Otherwise, I wish you all the best on this new venture and Happy Belated Birthday 🎈🤝🏿


  15. Wow, I am so inspired by your stories. I especially admire Doctor Rukhmabai since I have witnessed all the difficult battles women have fought to gain just a little bit of self autonomy. Nowadays, many people think this is not a thing anymore, but it is. It is always a thing. Women everywhere is still going through the process and struggle to survive in a man-made world. And thank you for sharing the story of Rani Abakka Chowta, Queen of Ullal. I read a big thick book about the discovery of the route through the southernmost corner of Africa, but there’s no mention of Ullal in the book at all. Mostly it is about the Portuguese victory, except that there were one or two sentences lamenting the fact that not infrequently Portuguese sailors married the local women and refused to go back to their sailor life. I feel rather depressed reading such books, but it is history and I wanted to learn. However your angle towards the history is so enlightening and so inspiring. Love such a queen and wish there are more of her in our history.

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  16. Good luck in your classes! and I hope all the “A-word” paperwork does not become too much of a headache…
    You are a gem on wordpress my dear, and we all will look forward to reading your posts whenever you return!! 🧡


  17. Congrats on turning 18, though life doesn’t start at 18 but it opens up wide and invites you to explore all the possibilities. So, enjoy. And make sure you study for finals after you get done blowing out your candles 🙂 Just kidding. Stay blessed!


    • Thank you so so very much! I made sure not to share it with her 😉🤪
      I appreciate your visit. Just got back from the break and I know I have LOTS to catch up on. Can’t wait to visit you. Hope all’s fine at your end 😁

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