Once Upon an Embrace

Image credit; Gennaro Leonardi @ Pixabay

When I take you into my arms,

The many years ahead of us,

Flash before me in an almost agonising succession,

Visions consecrated by love,

Haunted by occasional bitterness and rivalry.

Will you outgrow the loving warmth of my embrace

As the candle of days melts into years,

And the fire of life begins to extinguish?

From pimples to wrinkles,

Fantasies to reality,

Ignorance to knowledge,

I shall guide you through the path of light,

Now and forever,

The way I should.

But for now,

I shall regard you the way I do,

The newborn thief,

Who’s stolen my mom from me!

Photo credits: depositphotos

Written for Sadje’s WDYS Prompt

Childhood Games

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Our little games of hide and seek,

Ice and water,

Dog and the bone,

Dodge the ball,

We played with zeal and zest

Crowning every winner a hero,

Leaving the loser in his world of oblivion.

We may have outgrown our little childhood games,

Yet in the battlefields

We play them everyday,

With utmost earnestness.

A serious game of hide and seek with blood thirsty enemies,

Hiding and seeking for the life of our motherland,

Life threatening game of ice and water,

As we freeze and unfreeze ourselves into attack or defence,

Strategically planned moves of dog and the bone,

Fighting for the treasure we both want

As we dodge every bullet,

The way we dodged the ball.

History repeats itself,

As the winner is adorned with medals of shining gold

And the defeated sent home,

Draped in a flag,

To be forgotten,

As he enters majestically ,

The gates of Paradise,

Not just as a man,

But as a martyr.

The game of games we played everyday,

Unaware that our little games taught us

The game of life,

Life in the battlefield.


Salute to all soldiers and martyrs, whichever land they may hail from🙏

A Little Bucket of Big Wishes

Photo by Eren Li from Pexels

Here are some things I want to live to see.

Before my time’s up, I want them to be.

A little bucket of big wishes I carry in my hand,

Some for the world, some for my land.

Before my eyes close,

I want them to see a liberated North Korea.

A new nation booming prosperously, in every area.

Before my ears stop,

I want them to hear the news of peace in Syria,

A news as fresh as the first snow in Siberia.

Before my hands freeze into eternal stillness,

I want them to wave goodbye to terrorism,

A highly curable illness.

Before my mind becomes an outdated entity,

I want to learn of an Indian woman’s Nobel Prize in science,

And accomplishments of such high intensity.

Before a permenant silence,

I want to rejoice noisily with my neighbour friends of Pakistan,

To celebrate our friendship and bury our past’s violence.

Before my body collapses into a black hole like a dying star,

I want to see my nation go far and far,

In education, sports, politics, economics and so much more.

Before my senses become desensitised,

I want to see, smell, and feel a world so new,

A world in beautiful harmony,

That grows and grows like a bamboo.

Before my dusk,

I want to see in the world,

a new dawn.

PS: My wishes never end, but the post needs to. There are many many more wishes in my little bucket (such as witnessing the invention of the time machine or personal ones like going on a world tour) but I don’t want to bore you more 😉

What is in your bucket of wishes? It can be anything from personal to universal. 😊 Let’s talk about it in the comments! 😀🤍

Old Dr. Henry

For Old Dr. Henry I’m the only one

Kin or kith he has none.

In the day he leaves to save many lives,

He saves them in threes, kills them in fives!

He gives the wrong pills to the wrong man, thanks to his forgetful mind,

Yet they all love him, for he is very kind.

Old Dr. Henry always lived alone,

Until he picked me up from the streets, where food was unknown.

He gave me a home, gave me food and gave me love,

Old we have become together now.

He forgets his watch, forgets his pills and forgets his teeth,

I always remind him to look beneath.

Down they all lie, for he drops things a lot,

But he bends down and picks them up, you worry not!

He calls me Ross, calls me John, calls me Nicky,

When my name is actually Ricky!

One night he left, and never came back.

I worried and worried, for what if he had a heart attack?

An hour passed, and then two, and then three,

Did he leave the world or did he leave me?

I cried and cried, growled and growled,

Nobody now cared that I howled.

Two days later he came home,

I saw him standing by the garden gnome.

I licked him wet and jumped like a mad dog,

He stood there still, like he had a brain fog.

“Oh, Johnny! I’ve finally found the right home after two days!” said he,

I stood by his side, sharing immense glee.

To have him in my life I’m very lucky,

But just for once, I wish he calls me Ricky!

~From the rhyme-loving child in me…

Image credit: Clipart library

The Hillock of Life

Every dawn I wake up to,

There’s a new glow in my face,

A new hope,

A new reason to live

And a billion new things to wonder about.

Every dawn she wakes up to,

There’s a new silver strand,

Brutally evolved pain,

A fresh reason to die,

And a billion reasons to hate the world.

Every dusk I close my eyes to,

There’s growth in so many forms,

Physical, mental and emotional,

An excitement to embrace the approaching adulthood.

A new uphill I must ascend with care,

In the fascinating hillock of life.

Every dusk she closes her eyes to,

There’s growth in so many forms,

That of pain, suffering and disease,

A fear of what might come next.

A new downhill is born too often,

In the terrible hillock of life

The world she must grace for many more years,

May the pain and suffering please spare her.

Will god give the senile,

A deserved chance at a second life?

A life of hope, wonder and new uphills yet again,

Just to show them he loves them the same?

God’s most cruel decision was,

To not give youth for the wise,

In the mysterious hillock of life.

Image from Pinterest

(Hillock image from Wikipedia)

An Elegy from Within

A winner of hearts,

Keeper of promises,

Ethereal beauty,

Born to love.

A glorious flame,

That went off with the rain,

But burns in our hearts

Like the fire in the Sun.

A legendary cook,

Humorous Queen,

Gone with the storm,

But not from our hearts.

A permanent resident,

In our throne of love,

Always reigning,


A part of us taken gracefully away,

A world away from here,

Where we will all be,

One fine day.

A family treasure,

We buried forever,

With hopes that,

The next destination is better.

~Dedicated to my Beloved Great-aunt who’s in a better world now. Om Shanti 🙏

The Silver Strand

Like a sprinkle of stars in the dark night sky,

The glimmer of good in every bad,

And the wink of hope in all hopelessness,

My silver strands stand out,

Glorifying the star of senescence in the sky of youth,

A droplet of wisdom in the lake of ignorance.

The silver strands are a compliment from God.

It is every extra Sunset I got to see,

When that was the Sunset of someone’s life.

It is a compliment,

That the brave soldier did not live to have.

It is a compliment,

That the child who never opened her eyes at birth,

Did not live to see.

It is a medallion from the battle of life that I survived,

The war many people lost due to illnesses.

It is God’s way of saying ‘’You’ve graced the world for many beautiful years.’’

This thought fills me with gratitude and wonder.

Gratitude, for all the exquisite meanings behind this little silver strand.

Wonder, because as wonderful as this is,

Why do I have this silver strand?

After all, I’m only 14!