Greetings and love from Samrakshni. An Indian High school student (soon-to-be college student) with profound love for music, writing, dogs and anything that refreshes the soul…

I go by the pen name Sam Sahana.

Motivation and drive

Writing is magic without a wand, as it can transform and mould a mind the way no Earthly element can. My mind has evolved, not through years of schooling, but through reading gems from other people’s pen and through writing, which is the most powerful agent in driving away self-doubt and confusion.

I decided it’s high time my thoughts are expressed on a forum that’s more than just for myself to read. CHANGE is a very powerful word and a hard thing to bring about. Change and writing are compatible and go hand-in-hand. It’s my intention to bring about CHANGE, big or small, in every little way I can using what I consider my power- words.