Once Upon an Embrace

Image credit; Gennaro Leonardi @ Pixabay

When I take you into my arms,

The many years ahead of us,

Flash before me in an almost agonising succession,

Visions consecrated by love,

Haunted by occasional bitterness and rivalry.

Will you outgrow the loving warmth of my embrace

As the candle of days melts into years,

And the fire of life begins to extinguish?

From pimples to wrinkles,

Fantasies to reality,

Ignorance to knowledge,

I shall guide you through the path of light,

Now and forever,

The way I should.

But for now,

I shall regard you the way I do,

The newborn thief,

Who’s stolen my mom from me!

Photo credits: depositphotos

Written for Sadje’s WDYS Prompt