Sunshine Blogger Award

Eons ago (quite literally) Eleanor nominated me for the Sunshine blogger award. Though it’s been quite a while, I feel very tempted to answer her fantastic questions, especially since these are topics I’ve been pondering over a lot lately. Thank you for nominating me, Eleanor. She’s a remarkable poetess and a wonderful soul and you should definitely visit her and show her some love.

Some of my answers could be contentious and I welcome you all to throw in your perspectives in the comments’ section. Let this be an open discussion.

1. Do you think free will exists? If yes, please explain why and the role it plays in the world.

Free will absolutely exists! If everything was predestined, from our mannerisms to our thought processes to our actions, then the concept of being rewarded or punished for our actions doesn’t make any sense. (I make this point with the assumption that the concepts of rewards and punishments exist.) If God has written your destiny and every one of your actions according to which you function, why would he want to punish YOU for your actions if all you’re doing, is acting as he has dictated? Why would he punish you for the way he has designed you?

Hence, everything is not predestined. Some things, most definitely are, such as the conditions surrounding your birth, your genetics (which by far plays the BIGGEST role in who you are and what you become in your life) and so on. We all have the power to exercise our free will. I believe in the concept of Karma. The way you exercise your free will can be good or bad and would add up likewise to your baggage of Karma.

Free will plays a very important role in the world. The ability to choose your actions mandates the discrimination between good and bad, right and wrong, which are always subjective. There is often a conflict between the intellect and the conscience, the morally accepted and the socially accepted and so on. Exercising your free will is a complex process and involves making the right choices, in such a way that you fulfill your Dharma (Your Obligation to the world, akin to the Japanese concept of Ikigai). If the conscience plays a bigger role than the intellect when choosing your actions, the world would be a more peaceful place.

An example would be a snake in your garden. Your mind suggests that you should kill it while your heart suggests against it. Your intellect analyses whether it’s a poisonous snake or a harmless one. Your conscience amalgamates the results of the heart, mind and the intellect and suggests the best course of action, i.e, whether to let it go into the wild or to kill it. It is subjective, but the conscience knows best.

These are my beliefs only and they may or may not be right.

2. In your opinion, does weed, overall, have more of a positive or negative impact? In other words, does it do more harm than good or the other way around?

Any temporary pleasure that compromises on your long term well being is more harm than good. But that is not subject to judgement. One must exercise their free will rightly when making such choices. 🤷‍♀️ Weed, like any drug, is more harmful to some than others.

3. If you could live in any era which would it be and why?

The past is reminiscent of wars, tragedies and bloodshed, while culture and discipline would likely be non existent in the future. Nothing like the present, so here I shall be!

Nevertheless, I want to add that I’m open to exploring the future, just to catch a glimpse of futuristic technology and innovation. No one can pass judgements about something they have not seen. It may end up being not-so-decadent after all, although many religious scriptures and Prophets (peace be upon them) suggest otherwise. So I’ll stay in the present or even better, go back to my childhood. (Someone please tell me I’m still a child) *sobs*

4. What is your favorite quote of all time and why that one?

Be the change you wish to see in the world- Mahatma Gandhi.

It’s perfectly worded and I’m in perfect agreement with the thought. Change begins at home. We all do more talking and complaining than acting for the cause we stand for.

There’s another one: The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voterWinston Churchill

🤭 It’s sooo accurate, it hurts!

5. Pick one of the worst events in history. If it were possible to change or prevent it, would you? Why?

I want to say, the Nazi Holocaust. I would absolutely prevent it, if I could. I would have assassinated Hitler. One psychopath dying is much better than the world having to lose 6 million Jews, 3 million Poles, 25,000 Gypsies, countless handicapped individuals, homosexuals and so on. Imagine how many Einsteins and Stan Lees they have buried! They killed millions of dreams and dreamers (RIP Anne Frank and the million other teens and kids with vivid dreams).

6. Should euthanasia be a legal option for all if the law was written with great care and consideration?

Yes, but on one condition: The decision for the same should only be taken by the patients themselves or the practitioners, with the patient’s knowledge. In such a case that the patient is unconscious or in coma, the doctor should make the decision if mercy killing is the ONLY way to go. If there are other procedures that can be explored, then the E word should not even be uttered as it would be immoral! The decision should NEVER be made by a family member on behalf of the patient. The intentions could be far from noble and might even have something to do with the will and inheritance! So yes, Euthanasia can be a legal option provided the laws are written very carefully.

7. Why does evil exist in the world?

The laws of physics, from the law of conservation of charges, to the law of conservation of mass, have all taught me one thing- For the universe to remain in balance, the negative and positive will need to be in balance. A world with all good and no evil is only plausible in utopian dreams. If humans were all good, then nature’s evil force would take charge in the guise of natural disasters. Someone or something is always evil. That is the way of the cosmos. It’s a matter of stability.

8. What is your superpower (AKA Your Greatest Strength)?

Being confidently different. I’m almost always a misfit among my peers. Old soul, young bones, a bundle of contradictions. Yet no amount of peer pressure can compress me. That is to say, I’m not easily influenced, as I practice caution when exercising my free will 😉

9. Who do you think is currently one of the most influential individuals in showbiz? Why?

Personally, I don’t find anyone in showbiz ‘’influential’’ because I don’t look up to them. My ideals are different. But if we’re talking about the world in general, then I would say Emma Watson. Many youngsters look up to her and her activism and even I’m a fan of what she campaigns for.

10. How do you like your eggs? Do you think your preference reflects your personality?

I don’t eat eggs very frequently, but I’m an eggetarian, so eggs are not totally out of bounds to me. When I do eat them, I like Omelettes (Sunny side up included) and would die for egg BIRYANI. 🤩

11. Are Myers-Briggs Personality Types all they’re cracked up to be?

We humans are interesting creatures. We are so diverse and our chromosomes come in varying permutations and combinations that no two individuals can ever be exactly the same. I belong to the rare breed of INTP (one of the rarest personality types in the world) and I can’t relate to other INTPs. We’re just categorising humans and putting them into boxes, which is a very human thing to do! There is definitely some truth to them, but I won’t take the word of personality tests as gospel.

If anyone finds these questions interesting, I invite you to answer them, either in your own blog or in the comments 😃 Once again, thanks to my dear friend Eleanor for these brilliant questions. Let’s get talking! 🎊

104 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. wow
    ‘I’m almost always a misfit among my peers. Old soul, young bones, a bundle of contradictions. Yet no amount of peer pressure can compress me. That is to say, I’m not easily influenced, as I practice caution when exercising my free will 😉’
    This issssssssssssssss so damn.
    for me.
    you are still a child😉😜

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  2. Very thoughtful and wise answers Sam. You have a ton of wisdom for someone so young. Bravo. I’m sorry, you nominated for an award and I still have it in the drafts. I’ll post it soon.

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  3. Sam, how eloquent your replies. How on point with my sentiments. You sure you’re just a child? A truly enlightened old soul. And even in that I know what that’s like: You know what you know.
    Congratulations on the nomination. Keep going, sweet girl of mine, my PP. Stay beautiful.
    I wish you miracles. xoxo

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  4. Congratulations, Sahana! I think all young people should have a look at your brilliant answers. I agree the best time is NOW. You have to be a different ‘you’ if you really wish to do something different. Beautiful thoughts! Stay blessed 👍👍

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  5. I have so much to comment on!!!!!!!!
    First ofcourse, congratulations ❤️

    I think the concept of free will is true to an extent. It isn’t your free will which family you were born into and how your life turns out depends a lot on you family and childhood (both in a good and bad way) and circumstances. Eg: maybe if someone is born into poverty and are brought up to think that stealing is okay – it’s not their free will that they are stealing. It is what has been taught to them and their circumstances that is forcing it.

    OMG, weed is fine. There is a reason why it’s legal in so many countries. If weed is illegal then alcohol and smoking should be too. They are far worse for our health. And the crazy part is that the government can SO much by legalizing weed and making it taxable. (And also reduce consumption by making it expensive)

    Gandhi – hmm. Hmmmmm. Hmmmmmmm.

    I recently sat and watched SO many documentaries on the Holocaust because I just can’t understand how anyone could be messed up enough to think about killing so many people. (DW documentaries on YouTube are gold)

    Euthanasia should be legal. Hell yeah!! Anyhow Euthanasia has to be approved by the court so…I don’t see why it isn’t legal!

    I think Millie Bobby Brown is pretty influential too. No?

    Ooooh I’m INTJ – though I think this tes needs revision. 😛

    Sorry for the super long comment. 🙈

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    • First things first, thanks for such a long comment. I really enjoy lengthy comments so much.

      In case of the stealing example, even if someone is brought up to believe that stealing is right, they have the power to exercise their free will and make a conscious choice whether or not to do so.
      So as I said, your birth is predetermined and so is your genetics. Apart from that, everything is pretty much controllable. But that’s only my belief.

      I didn’t know about Millie Bobby Brown until recently, so couldn’t add her here 😅 She’s the Ebola Holmes girl. Anyway, I personally don’t look up to anyone in showbiz. I don’t get why they’re so hyped- nope, not downplaying thr work they do, but there are others who deserve more respect but don’t get it.

      Thanks again for your comment! Truly enjoyed reading your views.


  6. You’re still a child, don’t worry 😇.
    And ahem, wow these questions were deep…but your answers were deeper 😶.
    Emma Watson is the best 🤩. I’m so happy to know you like her 🤩🤩.
    And god, that democracy quote 🤣🤣

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      And thankssss tonnes and tonnes for validating that I’m still a child 🥲 No one gets it. Tell em loud and clear!!!
      The democracy quote is true, I’ve actually performed the experiment. Only thing is it took lesser than 5 minutes to get the facts 😶 Thanks again for your visit! 💖

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  7. Congratulations Sam! Amazing post!

    Um, so, first off, you are a child! Everyone is- being a child is a state of mind *wise words*
    I love omelettes too, they are so yummm!!!
    Also, yes, Emma Watson rocks! And honestly, I don’t find anyone so influential in showbiz either- their job is to lie to everyone all the time (a.k.a professional liars)- so how do we know they aren’t lying when they claim to be real? How do we not know it’s a facade, you know?

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  8. Excellent, well thought out answers, Sam. I know where you are coming from on the balance of positive and negative in why evil exists, but there is really little balance between good and evil. Throughout history, evil has prevailed usually pretending to be good, and using goodness and righteousness as excuses for persecution, genocide, inquisitions, crusades, burning heretics, killing infidels, taking away people’s livelihoods and denying them medical care because they are counterculture. As I had mentioned in my answer to this question, the question should be “how does good persist in an evil world?” I think you, and I, and Eleanor could have a really fun round table discussion on our thoughts on these topics.

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    • Wow, that’s making me have second thoughts about my answer. You are absolutely right.

      And oh, that’s such a fantastic idea! 😻 I’m sure, in a few years, technology would facilitate that too, I.e, it won’t seem like just a hypothetical scenario. I’m sure!
      Thank you so so very much for your wise, reflective comment. Truly appreciate it. And season’s greetings!

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  9. Congratulations Sam and it’s always a pleasure to read your well thought out answers and find out more of the clock inside that makes to tick which i find timeless and beyond your time by the way. Love it!💖

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  10. Congratulations Sam, your answers were quite a pleasure to read and there’s nothing more I’d add to it you said it all. Everything was just spot on. 👌
    There’s a proverb that I’ve always loved, ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ I think that’s a statement of karma itself. 😁(I do believe in Kama as well)
    You are very much wise my friend, it’s always lovely reading your words. 💖

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  11. Wow, you have a wonderful way with words – your answers are beautifully presented and deeply thought out! And I loved the little Science and math bits sprinkled throughout haha!
    I’m with you on almost all of them especially on how you exercise your free will with caution. And I relate so much to being a misfit, haha! I guess it’s mostly a matter of perspective though, if everyone was weird, the normal would seem weird😂
    Thank you so much for sharing!

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  12. Dear Sam ,excellent QA Session, Loved reading your wise words 👌❤️❤️,wish to share,
    My answer to the 7 one would be
    Evil is just the absence of good
    As darkness is the absence of light
    As cold is absence of heat
    physics defines heat not cold
    Light not darkness, so beautifully my dear
    Opposites balance to nullify and neutralize, sometimes causing a void
    My fav opposites would be thus
    Absence and presence 😊😊🌹

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    • Wow, you absolutely nailed this, Mam! As always, I’m truly in awe with your spiritual, very unique, thoughtful and deep take. It’s a wonderful perspective. Thanks again, Mam. Much appreciated! 🙏💖

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  13. Congratulations, Sam! I love the quote, is one of my favs too. Very thoughtful answers to all of the questions. Always good to get to know you more. Have a great weekend, dear friend. 💛🙏

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  14. Belated congratulations on your award which is well deserved. Your thoughtful answers help provide a little bit of insight into you. It’s always refreshing to take a peek behind the curtain and sneak a glimpse of a brilliant wordsmith. Well done.

    Oh, and “Being confidently different” is about the best superpower in existence. Just my two cents.

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  15. “Evil” is as old as civilization. “Good” exist because of evil. Goodness & badness depend upon various relations between our perspectives & the nature of our communication.

    However, me being pinched by anyone is the complete act of an evil personality. Don’t pinch me & don’t ask for my share of pizza.

    An Insightful session of questions & answers.
    Congrats! on the award.
    Best wishes, Tanishq.

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    • Very well said!
      Oh, pizza tastes many times better when you grab it off someone’s hands rather than eating your own 😉
      Thanks again for your kind visit and comment!


  16. Girl your explanation on free will was fire🔥!
    Ain’t nothing like the present. Although, a day in the past, without Covid, would be great🤭🤷‍♀️.
    “I would have assassinated Hitler” – The way you just said that though😂. But girl you and me both! Hitler was one disturbed soul 🥀.
    “Being confidently different” – that is so me! And the fact that I’m a foreigner has left me no choice but to be different. But also made it even easier to be confidently different👐
    This post is awesome💜. Oh and you’re still a child(not)😂
    Congrats on your nomination💜

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    • Aww your comment is so sweet. Thank you for patiently reading everything, my girl. SAY WHAY?! A child (not) 🤨🤨🤨 I’m offended 😤 I thought you were from South Africa. But being confidently different is a super power and I’m glad you’re able to carry it well.

      Thank you so so very much for your visit and comment. Much appreciated, lovely! 💖


      • The way you said “my girl” makes me feel young(er). Thank you😂. I’m sorry for offending you but the truth must be told Sam😉🥂.
        I was born and live in South Africa. I’m actually Congolese.

        It was a pleasure💜

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  17. Love all your answers, especially the one “living in the present”. That’s so true. The history is too sad and bloody, and the future is too uncertain. Why worry about them when we can live as ourselves in the perfect current moment of felicity.
    The Nazi’s killed so many people they deemed “different” that it always sends chills to me whenever I think about it. And the world watched in silence when they did it and many ordinary citizens even helped them knowingly or unknowingly. How despicable…

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  18. Wow! Your responses are entirely thrilling, articulated and profound; from your response to free will till the end. I’ve got to say, we share similar views on a lot of things. “Any temporary pleasure that compromises on your long term well being is more harm than good.” People often like to live in the moment without regards to the immediate future, and they make decisions that could easily be better. I’m talking outside the drugs context, of course. Your responses really put a lot in perspective.

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    • Wow, thank you so so very much taking the time to read all the answers to the end. I’m so glad we share similar views and unsurprised too 😀 Thr temporary pleasure affair indeed goes well outside the drugs context.
      Thank you so so very much, my kind friend. 🙏💖 And Season’s greetings! 😀

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  19. You will win many more awards. I would have stretched my thoughts into eleven separate posts! But you have so much to say and you are willing to say it. How interesting it will be for you to look back on your post a decade or two from now and see if anything has changed for you. You may think your place is in the present but you truly belong in the future. 😎

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  20. I like how philosophical these questions (and your answers!) are, it definitely got me thinking.
    If I could live in any era I think I would also choose the present. For me I like technology too much to give it up for the less modern times😆

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